Have you always been hearing about how gambling is an addictive practice and never ever gets you the rewards you deserve to reap in the end? Have your ears started ringing from everyone talking about how much of a mistake you will be making if you ever decide to get into the shoes of a professional casino gambler? Fear not because this article has come right in for your defence. So, show it to anyone expressing any further doubts about your choice in careers and get onto the casino gambling bandwagon as we uncover who is the Richie Rich of the gambling world, with a special emphasis on of course, Australia.

But, be reminded of the fact always that no matter how lucrative gambling might look on paper, it is not a reliable and stable job opportunity with zero risks attached to it. So, it is always better to treat casino gambling as a pastime of fun, excitement and some easy money.

But we would be lying if we said that there have not been gamblers whose gambles have paid off-quite literally, and in some pretty big bucks too.

Take a trip down gambling lane with us to meet some of the gambling icons in the world today.

Who Is The Richest Gambler?

Tony Bloom

With a net worth of $1.7 billion, Tony Bloom is a well known gambler who plays for big stakes and mainly in the fields of poker and sports betting. Sports has always been the kryptonite for our gambler here, who is also affectionately called Tony ‘the Lizard’ Bloom. He has claimed in several interviews that he just cannot stay away from the highs of almost always winning at sports bets. And he is decidedly not being a boast! Bloom has other business ventures that have contributed to increase his total worth, but he is definitely an avid gambler and his gambling experience is second to none. Bloom is involved on a grand scale with property investment and has also been a regular on the World Poker Tour where he has made several appearances. His current preoccupations include his passion for sports which he has transformed into his Chairman position for the Brighton and Hove Albion football club. He is also a shareholder at the Royale Union Saint-Gilloise football club and even has his very own gambling sites to boot. Not a bad way to spend a fortune from gambling, eh?

Bill Benter

Another one of the biggest sharks in the gambling ocean, Bill Better is one of the most successful blackjack player in the world. He learned all his tricks from Beat the Dealer and then decided to try his hand at becoming the richest gambler in the world. After getting banned from all casinos in Las Vegas because he had started to count cards, you might think Bill Benter gave up on gambling. But he bounced right back and together with the late Alan Woods, moved to Hong Kong where he created a software that would be able to predict and select winners at horse races around the world. It is rumoured that his net worth is close to $1 billion and that he gets $100 million annually from all his business ventures that are structured around the gambling industry.

Edward Thorp

Didn’t the name Beat the Dealer pop up just now in the previous paragraph? We met a follower of the book there- Bill Benter! Now, we will meet the writer of the book. Thorp is not just a very successful blackjack player, but he has made it to the list as the richest gambler in the world. Thorp has a Ph.D. in Mathematics from the University of California and has been a professor of Mathematics for several universities over a span of several years. He is also involved with the stock market as he has used his gambling abilities to develop methods that will help you make money from stocks. Being one of the seven originals who were given a hallowed space in the Blackjack Hall of Fame in 2002, Thorp has a net worth of $800 million now!

Who is the richest gambler in Australia

Any list on the richest Australian gamblers would be incomplete without the mention of one of the most notorious and filthy rich professional gambler of Australia— Zeljko Ranogajec!

He is a well known face at horse racing matches because that is where he excels. His private life might be extremely well hidden, but insiders in the gambling industry have been able to estimate that his betting turnover is more than $1 billion annually. Born into a Croatian family who came to Australia as immigrants, Zeljko Ranogajec took up Commerce at the University of Tasmania but soon left to pursue advantage gambling, and look at how well that paid off, right?

Now that the mirror on the wall has told you all about who is the richest gambler of them all, do you think you have what it takes to join them in their ranks?