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Here is a short history lesson on how poker arrived in this country. We’re going to have to travel back in time and discover when and who exactly invented Poker in the first place. Unlike other games, tracing the origin of this card game is quite difficult. There are a lot of theories as to where it came from and how its rules changed. One of the arguments is that it originated from China, approximately in the 10th century — Most importantly though, it wasn’t the common people who played Poker — it was the ruling class. Emperors and the high-class people around them played Poker, but the award wasn’t cash. They gifted clothes and jewellery to each other instead.


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Another theory is that Poker is the descendant of a Persian game called As Nas. The rules were completely different than those of our regular Poker — it had a deck of only 20 cards, and the main ones were As (Ace), Shah (King), Bibi (Queen), Serbaz (Soldier), and Couli (Dancer). The As Nas wasn’t a gambling game in the eyes of the Persian folk — betting was strictly prohibited in this ancient land. What’s important is that theorists agreed that the closest relative to the modern Poker game was indeed As Nas.


The Game Then Moved to Europe

Europeans found out about Poker only in the 17th century, and they grew to love it soon after that. It first came to France, and the French called the game Poque. It immediately spread to the surrounding countries such as Italy, Spain, Portugal, and Germany. All of these nations had a different name for this game, and they slightly readjusted the rules. Not too long after that, the French introduced Poque to the USA (specifically Louisiana), and Americans quickly gave it a new name.


They decided to call it Poker, and that is the name it goes by even today. Australians began to play poker during the WW1. The Americans brought it back to Europe with the new rules approximately in 1915. The Europeans accepted these new rules, and the Aussies quickly fell in love with the game too. As soon as the war ended, Poker tournaments started to appear all over the continents. The Aussies promptly became the experts in strategies and methods, which is one of the reasons why they started to call us the luckiest nation. In case you’re still new to this game, you can learn strategies from different professional players worldwide — Or you can get an Australian friend, it’s more or less the same, wouldn’t you agree?


What Are the Best Sydney Casinos?


Every Austalian casinos offers poker rooms for enthusiastic players. It is not a game of chance, but a game of strategy. Betting against other players means much more than just money — it is an opportunity to put your intelligence to the test, and hone those poker face skills. And that is just what we love doing — there is an absolute adrenaline rush after tricking your opponents into raising even though you have a better hand. There’s a lot of pleasure in seeing their confused and amazed expressions when you finally reach the showdown.


Australia has a lot of amazing casinos to offer. My personal favourite is the Star Casino in Sydney. It has a very long history, and it still treats all the players that walk through its door with dignity and respect. More importantly, the Star Casino has a very long history in our country. It was first opened in 1979 under the name Mindil Beach Casino, and it was amazing even back then. The Aussies adored it, hence why it instantly became an attraction. There were over 30 table games and about 700 slots, and the casino was completely legal and licensed.


In the year 2004, the Skycity Group bought it for $195 million and rebranded it with a new name — The Star Casino. Many players claim that playing at Star feels like you’re in Las Vegas. I say it’s even better than that — it offers a spa, and it is located on Darling Harbour. If you stay here, you will find yourself in the middle of all the events. Additionally, it offers both fantastic restaurants and nightclubs.

The Opening of Crown Casino


If you’ve ever been to Melbourne, then you’ve probably spent some time in the Crown Casino as well. What Star is to Sydney, that’s Crown to Melbourne. The latest news is that Crown has decided to open one casino in Sydney. The grand opening ceremony is set for 2021, so you will need to give it some time. This will be quite a competition for Star, as the casino plans to invest a lot of money in the VIP players. The bets will be high and profit probably even higher. So here’s a short list of other amazing casinos in Sydney that you can visit for an amazing experience.


  • The City Tattersalls Club
  • The Regent Seven Seas Voyager Casino
  • The Holland America Cruise Line — Noordam


The Noordam casino is an amazing experience praised by many tourists today. It offers 9 table games, a very luxurious interior, and over 100 gaming machines. You don’t get a lot of opportunities to gamble on the water, so why not try it in Sydney?


The City Tattersalls Club has been thriving for over 100 years now. This is a testimony to how good this casino is, as well as to how much both Aussies and tourists trust it. It is definitely a place you should visit if you’re a serious player.


The Regent Seven Seas Voyager Casino won’t offer you as many games as its two counterparts, but it will provide you with an amazing experience to remember. It emphasises poker a lot, and the tourists love it.


Sydney — The City of Celebrations


Sydneylanders love to celebrate, and a lot of celebrations happen in these casinos. Aussies are cheerful, and any tourist that spent some time in Sydney (or any other city in Australia for that matter) will tell you they had a marvellous time. Do have in mind that there are other smaller casinos next to the ones I mentioned in this text. So if you’re an explorer, feel free to go for a stroll around Sydney and discover them. Don’t hesitate to ask for directions — everyone will be more than happy to help. Have fun!


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