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Ukash online casinos used to be literally everywhere before the platform was shut down back in 2015. The majority of Australian online casinos used it as a safe and fast alternative to traditional bank cards. And that’s no wonder – a Ukash payment could be processed within moments, provided reliable encryption and didn’t expose the clients’ personal information. Online casinos Ukash used to thrive back in the days. So, what could go wrong?

$1500 BONUS$10 Minimum Deposit
1500+ Pokies
$1000 BONUS$20 Minimum Deposit
600+ Pokies
$1200 BONUS$20 Minimum Deposit
750+ Pokies
$800 BONUS$20 Minimum Deposit
2000+ Pokies

Well, if you were about to play in a casino with Ukash, you had to travel to the nearest store to purchase the vouchers. However, that wasn’t much of a problem, since the payment method in question was so popular that you could find these vouchers anywhere. The real issue was the number of internet scammers using Ukash payment option in their fraudulent schemes. Some of the latter involved receiving people’s voucher codes through coercion, while others infected the victims’ computers with ransomware. This made the Ukash payment method seems unreliable, so a major rebranding was needed to keep the scheme alive.

Thanks to Ukash’s 2015 merger with Skrill, online casino players from all over the world now continue enjoying a rather similar payment method. It’s known as PaySafeCard, and you’ve probably heard about it if you are a dedicated fan of online gambling. Online Ukash casinos are still around, though they are using a different name for almost identical service. But how do you define the best online casino? Let’s find out!

Top Rated Ukash Online Casinos 2023

The best online casinos share certain common traits, analyzing which may help you define a trustworthy site:

  • Top Ukash casinos provide generous bonuses. Whether or not you are planning to use this payment method for playing, decent promotions can significantly affect your gambling experience. Make sure to use your Ukash casino bonus wisely, especially, if this promo is only provided once (a welcome bonus, for instance, is available on one occasion – when you set up a new account).
  • Top online casinos Australia pay utmost attention to the quality of their interfaces. An Australian online casino that aims at becoming the industry leader can’t overlook the importance of smooth, convenient website design. Pixel-perfect interfaces and smooth animations help betting sites attract the attention of consumers, which is essential, considering the stiff competition on the market.
  • Casinos that accept Ukash (or, rather, PaySafeCard) shouldn’t limit the variety of payment methods to this one option. What if you can’t go to the store to purchase a voucher? What if there’s heavy rain outside, and you want to deposit with your bank card? The Ukash casinos that understand this need are likely to overcome their competitors.

Benefits of Ukash at Online Casinos

This platform clearly had a few notable advantages. First, sites that accept Ukash (as well as its successor, PaySafeCard) offer more advanced protection of customers’ private information. The thing here is, PaySafeCard simply doesn’t tell the site anything about the person who uses it to deposit, and so, in fact, there is no information to protect. In addition, the voucher system is one of the fastest banking options in the online gambling industry (not considering the amount of time you need to spend to get to the store).

How does Ukash work?

The technology behind this online payment platform is quite simple. After purchasing a voucher, you’ll receive a code with 19 digits. It can be used to make any transaction on the web. If the sum you wish to spend is lower than the value of your voucher, you’ll receive the “change” and a new code. Overall, it is a great way to play online pokies (other games as well) if you are not gambling regularly or if you don’t mind having a short walk to the nearest store.

Alternatives to Ukash

If you are looking for a platform with similar functionality, don’t expect to find many available offers. PaySafeCard offers a unique service, and it’s too large to face any significant competition in its niche. However, this method is not the ultimate solution to all your problems. Consider checking out other deposit options, such as e-wallets and cryptocurrencies. In addition to convenient websites and mobile apps, they can provide you with valuable casino bonuses.

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