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Even though online baccarat games are not the most widespread gambling activities among Australians, the game is definitely worth checking out. The first live dealer baccarat rounds were played in 19th-century France, mostly in private salons. Early baccarat games didn’t involve playing against the house; punters were competing with each other, while the dealer was responsible for shuffling the cards and keeping the bank. A more modern way to play the game was introduced in Havana of the 1940s. Since then, live baccarat games have mostly involved playing against the dealer without interacting with other players at the table.

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That’s all great, but what about Australian online baccarat? Well, the game is absolutely legal, and any Australian citizen can play baccarat online for real money (if they have reached the legal gambling age, of course). The best online casinos offer this game alongside other options, but baccarat is far less popular than slots, online poker, or lottery. The best online baccarat casinos even offer unique bonuses for high rollers since this game is favored by the rich and famous. It’s safe to say that James Bond did a great job advertising baccarat!

Top Online Baccarat Casinos in Australia 2023

If you are about to engage in online baccarat for real money, you definitely want to play in a decent, reliable casino. Fortunately, there are a couple of ways to find the best available options.

  • Pay attention to the number of payment methods. If you play for real cash, one or two deposit methods may not be sufficient to satisfy all your needs. A good baccarat casino should support all popular e-wallets, bank cards, cryptocurrencies, and wire transfers.
  • Avoid sites with inconvenient interfaces. The best baccarat casinos have pixel-perfect elements of the layout and ensure that every button is clearly visible. Even though live baccarat online doesn’t involve performing many actions, intuitive and simple interface is a sign of a decent website.
  • Check out other online casino games. Many baccarat casinos in Australia have a rather limited choice of activities. Even if you are not planning to engage in other games, having a wide variety of choices within one site is quite convenient.

How to Play Baccarat and Win Real Money

If you are playing baccarat with the dealer involved (that is, a live version on the web or in a physical casino), your chances of winning are higher than when gambling against the machine. However, creating a reliable baccarat strategy is still nearly impossible since this game is based on luck, not on skill. The cards are drawn absolutely randomly, especially, in a web casino, where the software guarantees almost 100% unpredictability of the game. Baccarat players cannot influence the gameplay in any way, and they aren’t allowed to make any in-game decisions. However, the game still offers a remarkably low house edge (especially, if you are betting on the banco hand). In any of the live baccarat rounds, the house edge fluctuates around 1%. In the long run, you will lose 1 dollar per every 100 wagered.

Types of Baccarat

  • Punto banco. Clearly the most widespread version of the game, punto banco is played in most casinos worldwide. In this version, players can bet on either “punto” or “banco” hands, which, by the way, don’t necessarily refer to the casino or the player.
  • Chemin de fer. James Bond’s favorite, this type was the second to appear and remains the most widespread in France up to this day. In Chemin de fer, players can directly influence the game and bear responsibility for their own decisions.
  • Banque. Baccarat banque was the first version of the game to appear. It is much slower than the above-mentioned variants, and it requires more punters to start (a round in banque cannot begin if there are less than 10 players at the table).

Bonuses in Baccarat

Similar to other online casino games, baccarat provides players with many bonuses, both complimentary and deposit-related. For instance, welcome bonuses are offered to all new players who register at a given casino. To those who are new to the industry, first deposit packages may be a great way to understand the game better without wasting tons of money. In addition, most gambling sites offer free baccarat alongside its real-money version. A complimentary game is a perfect solution for those willing to sharpen their skills, so don’t miss it out if you need some practice!

Baccarat Glossary

  • Coup – a round;
  • Punto – a player (doesn’t necessarily refer to an individual);
  • Banco – the bank/house (doesn’t necessarily refer to the casino);
  • Natural – a hand with 8 or 9 points (such hand wins the round immediately);
  • Pass – a synonym to “win”;
  • Standoff – a tie between the player and the bank.

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