The common misconception in the world of gambling and online casinos is that the pokie machine is that one casino game which does not require any skill. But, that is simply not true. Pokie machines are deeply embedded in the heart and soul of all Australian gambling enthusiasts. But, if you have ever played a pokie with the intention of getting a payout out of it, you will know that it takes dedication, time, strategy and pokie tips to win any significant amount at a slot machine. Also, they are fun, easy to understand and play, have very few rules and provide full on entertainment for the short period of time that you spend on them.

If your question is how to win pokies australia, then your answer is the guide we are just about to provide you with.

How to win pokies— the Pro Tips

The following are the few tips and tricks that can help you understand what to look out for if you want to play casino games win real money and walk away with enough of a payout to satisfy your investment:


The RTP is one of the major factors that cinches the deal for any online pokie game in Australia. The Return To Player or RTP is a percentage that is calculated based on the returns you will get on your wager from a particular slot machine game. So, if a pokie game has an RTP of 96% and you wager $100, then you will get $96 in return. Of course, that is not something written in stone. No matter the RTP, a pokie game payout will always depend on your luck to a certain extent. But, choosing a slot game with an RTP of 96% or more is always a better idea as it increases your chances of getting greater winnings.


Volatility or variance, as it is sometimes called, is another major factor to look out for when you want to know how to win pokies. It is essentially the risk factor of a slot game. A slot game with low volatility is good for stable and frequent wins, easy to get winning combinations and less risk. However, the payout is usually small. Low volatility slots are good for slot gaming beginners.

Medium volatility slots up the risk factor a bit by providing wins that are reliable but not as frequent as low volatility slots. With better payouts, medium volatility slots are for those who want the best of both worlds— less risk yet higher winnings!

High volatility slots needs bigger bankrolls to function properly and are more dependent on strategy than the other two varieties. They do however guarantee the biggest pokie win in Australia. Usually for more experienced players, high volatility slots are a force to be reckoned with once the jackpot levels get unveiled!

Pay lines

What most guides forget to mention while teaching you how to get to the biggest pokie win in Australia is that there is a lot to benefit only if you pay close attention to the pay lines. Pay lines not only help you get the most out of a slot machine game, but also help you budget while playing. It is a common thought that the greater the number of pay lines a pokie has, the more are the possible winning combinations that can be made. While not wrong, what everyone forgets is that in order to get the most out of all these winning combinations, you need to play on all the pay lines. And that is only possible if you use the maximum bet to bring all the pay lines into motion. So, if you play on only 5 pay lines in a 25 pay line pokie, then you will never hit a jackpot since you are not covering the entire reel at all.

Bonus Rounds

It is highly important that you take advantage of all the bonus rounds that are available in a slot game. But, do not get fooled by the new bonus rounds that take your focus away from the primary bonus that is there to maximise your chances at winning big with less money investment from your side. Yes, make sure to select slots that have the highest number of free spins available. Pokies with cascading wilds and avalanche multipliers often tend to provide the highest number of free spins. Also, look out for slots with the Re-spin feature. This will provide twice the usual number of free spins once activated.
A very popular high volatility slot is King Atlantis by IGT. Any experienced pokie player in Australia should try it at least once.

As for beginners, Hotline from NetEnt is a great pokie with reliable and frequent wins. With Expanding Wilds, this is a fun and entertaining slot to invest in.