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Bingo is a lot older than you might believe. Although everyone sees it as a sort of ‘retirement’ game nowadays, that is the complete opposite of how it began. It first appeared in 1530 in Europe, to be more precise, in Italy. Its original name was Lo Giuoco Del Lotto D’Italia. Many people believe this is the ancestor of modern lottery games almost every single country in the world has. Not too long after that, the game moved to France under the name Le Lotto. Sometime during the 1800s, the Germans imported the game as well. Although, it wasn’t a gambling game or a game of chance per se. The Germans used this game for education — They altered it into a game for children. The purpose was to help young pupils learn all the difficult subjects, such as Maths, History, and Spelling. 

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Now that we’ve established how we need to thank the Italians for giving us the game of Bingo, let’s discuss how it reached the English speaking countries. 


The first time it came to the USA was in the early 1900s, probably around 1920s. At first, it was a country game called Beano — People gave it this name because you had to put beans on your cards over the numbers you got. In 1934, even the churches started to use this game to raise funds for charity purposes. The latest estimates are that the USA profits over $90 million from Bingo alone. 


What is more, once the Internet became mainstream, Bingo moved online. Nowadays, you can find it in absolutely all the online casino — Moreover, there are online Bingo sites dedicated only to this game. 


Now that you’re aware of how important Bingo is, let’s check how you can play it in Australia.


The Difference Between Online Bingo and Regular Bingo


It’s obvious — Online Bingo is not an option anymore. In the early 2000s, Australian government raised some concerns about how much Aussies gambled. The Economist estimates are that 80% of Australians bet at least once per year. To make it even worse, an average Australian loses nearly $1000 annually. Being aware of these numbers, the Commonwealth Parliament of Australia passed the Interactive Gambling Act in 2001. This law forbids Australian-based casinos to offer their online services to Australian players. Immediately, this meant that games such as real money poker, online roulette, and online slots would be banned. 


Additionally, the law also prohibits promotion and advertisement of online casinos and online gambling in the media and public events. Certainly enough, this act is a hard strike on the online gambling industry, but the Government and the Parliament have the final say. However, the good news is that this new rule didn’t impact sports betting and lottery — That is why you can still play them online. The regulatory bodies allow lottery, as long as it is not a virtual scratch card.


And to make sure everyone respects the law, there are fines of up to $1 million for all of those who do not abide by it.  


So How Do I Play Online?

Things are far more simple than you’ve imagined — You only need to visit an online casino that operates from another country. Online gaming in European countries is very well legal, but in the USA, it sort of runs in the grey zone, which still doesn’t make it illegal. The Interactive Gambling Act doesn’t forbid you from gambling online — It works differently. You can play all you want, but the Australian casinos are not allowed to offer you their services over the Internet. As a player coming from Australia, you can bet all you want (just make it responsible). That is why international online casinos are not afraid of accepting Aussies. 


However, what’s essential is that you first check the license of the casino you choose to play at. Some of them have a better reputation and pay more care to their players, while others don’t. Most of the reputable casinos are easy to find on the Internet, and you can read so many positive user reviews that serve as a guarantee. If you’re a user who wants to play for real money but can’t be bothered to drive to a land-based casino, there are plenty of sites that offer bingo games. 


For a while, Aussie players decided to use VPN (short for Virtual Private Network). This is a tool that enables you to change the location of your IP address from Australia to Japan, for example. This proved to be pointless, as the overseas casino didn’t reject Aussie players, and most of the VPN tools only offer a free trial. Additionally, they tend to be expensive, and a lot of casinos even developed software that can easily recognise a fake IP. 


Bingo Rules

Now that I’ve hopefully made you happy by revealing you can still play online Bingo with no hassle, here’s how this simple game works. 


The core of Bingo is in the Bingo cards. Playing this game is relatively easy, and the player-favourite version is 75-ball Bingo. It emerged in the 1940s and remained the most popular version to this day. This type of Bingo is favoured in the USA, but across the pond, the more popular one is the Bingo variant played with 90 balls. The principle of the game is similar, but the rules are slightly different — To play, you need to buy a ‘strip,’ which is a set of six Bingo cards. It is basically your regular Bingo game, only on steroids. 


The number of players in Bingo can be as many as the halls can physically handle. Although, a lot of casinos and bingo halls have limitations they’ve personally set up. Moreover, the number of cards is equivalent to the number of players. One of the most important figures in Bingo is the caller — They stand at the top of the room and call numbers. Your ticket has the word BINGO stamped on top of it, and the numbers are under the letters.


B — Numbers 1 to 15

I — Numbers 16 to 30

N — Numbers 31 to 45

G — Numbers 46 to 60

O — Numbers 61 to 75


You win if you have all 5 of the numbers called arranged vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. Additionally, the ball that the caller collects can be marked with N40, for example. Each time, the caller will collect a ball with a random number. 


Bingo Strategies

You can try this for the sake of fun. Just like people developed all the different methods to try and win at roulette — Bingo players developed a few to try and win more often. Clearly, they don’t really work, but if you wish to spice your game up a little bit, you can always try.


Most importantly, any Bingo player will tell be able to tell you the importance of preparation. If you’re in the bingo hall on time, you will have more bingo cards to choose from. More importantly, you can meet up with your Bingo pals and have a chat. 

Land-Based Casinos Are Still There


In the end, you can play Bingo in most of the land-based casinos and bingo halls. Although people firmly believe Bingo is a game only for the elderly, this has been changing as of lately. Players often like to rest from all the adrenaline-inducing casino games by playing Bingo. There is no reason why you too shouldn’t catch a break every now and then. Have fun! 


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