The explanations How Online Casinos Work

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Today everyone knows the success of online casinos. But what about exactly, and how to choose the right one? Online casinos are online versions of traditional gambling clubs. They allow any type of players to participate in casino games via the Internet playing online roulette for real money, although it is also possible to play for virtual money as well. Such online gaming rooms often offer high percentages on the player’s bet, as well as more generous profits than traditional casinos. In addition, the game offer is usually much wider than in land-based casinos as Internet has unlimited possibilities.¬†

$1500 BONUS$10 Minimum Deposit
1500+ Pokies
$1000 BONUS$20 Minimum Deposit
600+ Pokies
$1200 BONUS$20 Minimum Deposit
750+ Pokies
$800 BONUS$20 Minimum Deposit
2000+ Pokies


Online casinos allow gambling via Internet-connected devices (PCs, smartphones, tablets, etc.) 

Online Casino Types 

Web-based casinos 


Web-based casinos can be used directly via an internet browser. Downloading software is not required. Only with some more complex slots, it may happen that the installation of additional apps such as Java, Flash or Shockwave is necessary. These games need a sufficient bandwidth in the Internet connection, since all graphics, sounds, and animations must be downloaded via the plugin. Some online gambling sites have games that can be controlled via an HTML interface which is particularly useful for end devices such as iPod, iPad, and iPhone which do not support Flash.

 Download-based casinos 

Many online gambling clubs require the download of special software (game client). The software connects to the service provider of the casino and manages the contact without an intermediary web browser. Download-based casinos usually work faster than the web-based equivalents because all components are stored on the local hard drive and do not need to be downloaded first. On the other hand, the initial installation of the software is often time-consuming and, as with any installation of programs from the Internet, there is a risk of integrated malware. 

 Live Dealer Casinos

In a live dealer casino, the game is moderated by a human croupier whose game actions and communication are transmitted via live stream. The actions by the player are made via a console on the screen and communication with the dealer is via a chat window. The required game parameters are processed into data that can be used by the software via Optical Character Recognition. The game goes as usual but its outcome is not dependent on a random number generator. 


 The high cost of operating such casinos is the reason why live dealer casinos offer only the most popular games such as roulette, blackjack, sic bo and baccarat. 


Live dealer casinos exist in different modifications. Some operators, for example, broadcast the dealer interactions on their own television channel while others only offer the games on their website. Often, the player interaction can also be handled via smart TV and smartphones. 

Technology and Security 

 In virtual games, the outcome of a game depends on data from a random number generator (RNG). These data determine, for example, the order of the cards in card games, or the result of a dice roll or roulette spins. RNGs are based on a set of mathematical rules (RNG algorithm) that generate a long sequence of numbers that appear to be truly random. RNGs meet the most important criteria to ensure the fairness of the games. 


Proper implementation of the RNG algorithm ensures that the games are both fair and unpredictable. However, online gambling sites do not provide insight into how the software works that is why players have to blindly trust that no excessive house edge has been implemented. The functioning and the algorithm used is checked at regulated online casinos by external entities to ensure that the provider’s profit margins match the odds of the games.¬†

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