🌏Online Casinos Australia 🦘 INFINITY HERO SLOT MACHINE Review

Are you a fan of all kinds of superhero lore? Did you grow up watching Superman and Spiderman rushing and flying through the air to save a crumbling world? Ever wanted to join them on their superhero adventures? Well, then, Infinity Hero Slot Machine Game by Wazdan Gaming is just the pokie game for you! Join the hero with possibilities more than you can count-yes, the Infinity Hero, as he moves around Slot Town trying his very best to keep all the antisocial elements behind bars in all his comic book glory. With delightfully bright and high quality graphics and a cheerful comic book based artwork, Infinity Hero provides you with all the incredible bonus rounds you could ask for in your arsenal, all for you to enjoy and win big, even up to Infinity!


The following is a carefully curated list of the most unique features that you will get from the Infinity Hero pokie game by Wazdan Gaming:

  • Having all the unique Wazdan features that you could dream of including the Zoom In, the Speed Slotting, Ultra Lite Mode, Big Screen Mode and so on, the Infinity Hero Slot Game by Wazdan boasts of an above average RTP of 96.24% in its unusual but highly addictive 6 reels and 20 paylines gameplay structure. Available on almost all supported platforms such as PC and mobile, on both Android and iOS, the Infinity Hero pokie game has infinite possibilities, quite literally;
  • With the spectacular feature where you can select your volatility levels, the Infinity Hero Slot Game does not disappoint either the veteran or the beginner level slot gaming enthusiasts. With the usual symbols such as the numbers like 7, fruits such as oranges, pears, cherries, watermelons, the Wild symbol and the Scatter symbol, this slot game might look classic but it is so much more fun;
  • The 10 Free Spins triggered using the Scatter symbol, with the Infinity Multiplier feature is a sure plus point for this game where you can also actually buy your way to the Free Spins level. The wins can also be doubled up to 7 times together. Altogether, enjoy your Mega win of up to 13,000× your stake;

So, go ahead and get all the Mega wins into your wallet with this game where anything is possible, while Infinity Hero saves you from mortal peril.