🌏Online Casinos Australia 🦘 Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Review

Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt VR available in Australia

Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Video Slot is a Slot Machine Game created by the Evolution studio in collaboration with NetEnt Entertainment. The reason for Australian players to try out this game is the enormous number of details. Developers have done an amazing job of delivering the best gambling experience with the most immersive technology in the gambling industry right now, through high quality Virtual Reality.

Main features of Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt

In Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt, the player will become an explorer of ancient Incan culture just like the Spanish explorer Gonzo who has set out to find the lost golden city of El Dorado. The reel consists of a wall embedded with seventy stones that come with incredible prizes that you can get only if you pick the correct stones. The player can win up to 20000 per individual stone with the entire Prize Drop Bonus Round.

The payout value may vary, depending on each stone:

  • Brown stones – 1x;
  • Orange stones – 2x;
  • Purple stones – 4x;
  • Green stones – 8x;
  • Blue stones – 20x;
  • Red stones – 65x!

The most valuable stones appear least often. The user is not able to see what is the value of the stone before turning them over. The RTP is very high – 96.56 percent.

There are a couple of prizes to collect while playing the Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt live game:

  • Bonus prizes – they add bonuses to the value of the stone. From 3 to 100 each time;
  • Multipliers – their value may vary from 2x to 10x. With the help of them, it is possible to multiply all visible values on the wall;
  • Re-Drop – it triggers a new round of Prize Drops, providing more opportunity to increase the value of the prizes, making it possible to receive extra bonus amounts and multipliers from just one stone.

But the most crucial aspect of this game is the Virtual Reality mode that immerses the player deep into the game.

How to play this game in VR

Incredible visuals of Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt live can be explored by Australian players in VR mode. Thanks to virtual reality technologies, it is possible for the player to enjoy the gaming process in full scale of 360-degree video. The user interface will adapt to the resolution of the headset, providing the most realistic image.

The player will need to use a VR-capable hardware with a controller to interact with the game. The game segments and bonuses are the same, as in the regular version, but the gaming process feels different, as the player will be surrounded by a three-dimensional image of the game.

There were VR slot machines in the past, but they have never been as detailed and sophisticated, as this one. The game can combine 3D graphics, live images of a real dealer and give the player the ability to play it all in real-time without a need to download any kind of application.

Evolution has spent more than 2.2 billion dollars, just to get a license to present the property of the Net Entertainment in VR as a part of Evolution’s live casino lineup. Looking at how well and smoothly it all works in Virtual Reality, it is possible to tell that all these sacrifices were worth it.

To provide the feel of immersion, developers tried to optimize the image to the VR industry modern standards – up to 4K resolution scaling and up to 120 Hz refresh rate. The quality that the player will be able to experience depends on the internet speed. 17 Mbps should be just enough for a smooth experience. Characters of the game will come to life in front of the player, once the Virtual reality headset will be powered on.

Who can play the game?

To fully enjoy Gonzo’s slot in VR, the player does not need to buy expensive hardware. It can be launched on any platform, including Windows PC, macOS, Android, or iOS. It does not require any additional software to download. It is a perfect game to play at home.