Age of Asgard Slot (2022) Review

Age of Asgard Slot (2022) Review

🌏Online Casinos Australia 🦘 Age of Asgard Slot (2022) Review

Are you a huge fan of Thor, Loki and all the other Norse gods and goddesses who you have been seeing on the movie screen nowadays? Are you a mythology nerd, especially fond of Norse mythology? Then, Age of Asgard by Yggdrasil Gaming is just the slot machine game that you need. Here, you will get to stand right in the midst of the eternal battle between good and evil as you save the city of the Norse gods, Asgard from any further ruin. What’s more? Well, you get to save Asgard with the help of a feisty group of females who wait for you to spin the reels so that they can take out their swords and try to save their world from ruin and the evil side.


The following are some of the highly interesting features of the Age of Asgard slot machine game by Yggdrasil Gaming:

  • Age of Asgard is a video slot game created with painstaking detail by one of the most well known software developers in the world of iGaming today— Yggdrasil Gaming;
  • Released back in 2019, it is still fresh in the minds of most mythology buffs who also engage in slot gaming. With a great RTP of 96.2% and a high volatility that promises infrequent but very handsome rewards, Age of Asgard has a mobile version as well to pique the interests of all the slot enthusiasts in town;
  • The graphics are top class and you really get the feel of being inside a Viking village where you join hands with a group of female warriors who are fighting against antagonists who lan to usurp the kingdom of Asgard. With 40 pay lines worth betting on, no wonder the highest win in the Age of Asgard slot machine game is an awesome 2444x which is equal to a mind-blowing € 488,800;
  • Available on Microsoft, Android and even iOS, Age of Asgard has bonus rounds that surely do impress. With a host of high-pay symbols and lots of Wilds that are 1×3 long, Age of Asgard is a slot machine to really give you back more than you ever imagined;
  • Getting 3 Free Spins takes you to the Free Spins round where two machines fuse to give you one machine of 5×6 and even bigger wilds to play with. The major bonus rounds at Age of Asgard slot machine game depend on the Free Spins and how many of them you can accrue. There are 10 Free Spins to start off with and this sets off 4 random wilds and a barrage of Re-spins just after;
  • The ultimate battle takes place in the Ragnarok Free Spins bonus round where 6 Free Spins in the Base Game will deliver you. 5 Free Spins enter the Base Game and the Randomiser is activated which will take you either to Ragnarok or give you a reward of 1000 coins;

Wanna stop Ragnarok and defeat evil with your gang? Here’s your chance at Age of Asgard. The great rewards are just the icing on the cake!