🌏Online Casinos Australia 🦘 88 Frenzy Fortune Pokie Review

Is this pandemic hitting you when it comes to playing your very favorite slot games or pokie machine games? Have you been unable to get to the nearest casino to play at the slot game you want? Has it been terribly boring for all you awesome people for a long long time? Well, then, here is your chance to solve all these problems, let go of all your worries and even eat your cake, that is, go on a spinning spree and win BIG. 


The Basics

88 Frenzy Fortune or any other pokie machine game made by the giant gaming software developer, BetSoft, is really easy to play. You just put in your bet and spin to get to the highest jackpot you can win. Or when you get super confident, put on the AutoPlay and RELAX.

But, what do you need to check out before starting on any pokie machine?

88 Frenzy Fortune is the crown jewel amongst any pokie machine game. It has a space theme (great for those who dreamed of being astronauts huh?) with an electronica based audio and really superb graphics. The following are the major reasons why that is so so true:

  • It is such a new game, but it has already left its mark on the professional pokie machine gaming community. When was it released? Well, August 12th, 2021!
  • 88 Frenzy Fortune has a really high RTP of 96 percent, so that gives you a great chance to play and win, even if you are a newbie in the field of slot machine gaming;
  • 88 Frenzy Fortune has three standard reels and one single payline, but here is news for you- there is a secret fourth reel as a bonus round right there in the game for high winnings;
  • Great news for you all- the Jackpot is a huge maximum of 2368× your bet or a total of €71040;
  • 88 Frenzy Fortune Pokie Machine Game is available on both Desktop and Mobile (Android as well as iOS).

What kind of bonus rounds does 88 Frenzy Fortune have?

88 Frenzy Fortune has very few symbols so it’s crisp and concise. There are the two carp fish together, the one carp fish, and the 88 symbol in fiery red, golden and silver. 

Bonus Frenzy 1

The bonus is always on the fourth reel, triggered by the 18× Bet that promises 8× or 18× your wager. 

Bonus Frenzy 2

The bonus is always on the fourth reel, triggered by the 8× Bet that promises 2×, 5× or 18× your wager. 

Bonus Frenzy 3

The bonus is always on the fourth reel, triggered by the Respin button. 

Pull up your sleeves, get right to spinning and definitely a lot of winning!