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Online gambling has generated quite a buzz in Australia since it became more mainstream. And as any Aussie gambler will tell you, online pokies are the most played game at different casinos.

For those entirely new to the term, pokies online stand for slot games. And Australia is home to some of the best real online pokies. Today, we’re going to go in-depth and talk about everything that you need to get started with online pokies.

The Different Kinds of Real Money Pokies

We’d like to cover some of the basic stuff before going forward with the slightly complex topics. On that list of priorities, we have to check out the different kinds of online pokies Australia. It will be the first step in understanding the best Australian pokies and how you can get started with them.

Although pokies online are different and stand apart from each other, here are some of the common types that you will encounter.

Classic 3-Reel Pokies

These are the most common types of pokies. The three reels mean that you will see a winning combination more often. But the catch is that the wins will be very low for the sake of balancing the win to reward ratio.

5-Reel Pokies

This variant of slot games offers a higher level of difficulty compared to the classic pokies. The two additional reels don’t just make things difficult, they also make the game much more appealing as the rewards get bigger with more ways to win.

7-Reel Pokies

The concept of these games is the same with 7 reels in total. Software providers always choose to get creative with the layout to make sure that the gameplay experience is unique. Sometimes you might get 7 full reels, other times the layout will be uncommon to spice things up.

Video Slots

This must be by far the most played pokies variant out of this list. This is due to the fact that the theme for video slots is only limited by the imagination of the software provider. Pop culture, movies, TV shows, and anything can be made into a video slot that players tend to enjoy more.

Online Australian Pokies That You Can Find in the Best Online Casinos

With that, you should be knowledgeable on the fundamentals of the kinds of pokies. But which pokies online Australia can you find as a player? In this section of the guide, we’re going to show you a list that will make the process of choosing much easier.

Progressive Jackpots

These online pokies real money is the perfect choice for players that prefer to shoot for big rewards. The chances of getting a winning hit are lower compared to standard pokies. But that’s only because of the nature of the jackpot. It keeps growing until someone lands the jackpot combination and takes it away.

Same-Network Pokies

You’ll also come across pokies that are played on the same network from different Australian online casino. The benefit of playing these Australia online pokies is that you get to share something with the other players on the network every time you win.

Mega-Spin Pokies

Do you love a challenge? Would you like to ramp things up when you’ve gotten a bit more used to the game? Then you’ll need to know about the mega-spin pokies. Here’s a quick tip. Make sure that you’re using the Autospin feature in those games to play several titles at once.

Understanding the Best Paying Online Pokies in Australia

What are the things you need to understand to get started with playing the best online pokies? There are several concepts that you need to understand properly if you want to master these games. Let’s not keep you waiting any further and get started on it right away.


The best thing about playing the best online pokies Australia is that all of them come with paytables. In case you don’t have the faintest clue what we’re talking about, the paytable is where you can find all the rules that you need to play the slot game.

You can find the list of special symbols, paylines, RTP, and a bunch of other useful information from the paytable.


We mentioned paylines in the previous section. But do you know what the word means? If we have to put it simply, paylines refer to the combinations on the reels of Australia online pokies. These are the combinations that you need in order to get a payout.

In most cases, for 5-reel video pokies, you need to get at least 3 matching symbols on corresponding reels. Some real online pokies Australia also pay both ways. This means that you can start a winning combination from either the left side or the right.


This term refers to “Return to Player”. What this actually is the rate of wager returns that a player can win back from the game. All the best online pokies Australia will say the RTP value outright. By taking a look at it you can gauge whether the pokies are okay to play or not.

You should already realize by now but the higher the RTP value, the better the slot is. When you’re looking for a new online pokies casino to try out, make sure checking the RTP is the first thing you do.


Another thing that is just as important as checking the RTP is the volatility. You can think of this as the other side of the coin with RTP being the first side. The volatility tells you how often do you have the chance to win at the Australian pokies online.

Volatility is also tied in with the payout. Slots that have a high volatility won’t allow for winning combinations too often. But if you do manage to win, the payout will be well worth the wait. You can also see this complimentary relationship on the other end of the spectrum with low volatility.

Bonus Features

Since most of you are going to be playing the video online pokies real money, they will definitely come with bonus features. Winning consistently will require you to understand and make the most out of those bonus features.

The best trick here is to test out the bonus features in the demo mode. You should have no issue pushing the game to its furthest limits with the demo money that you get in the free trail mode. You should take this opportunity to properly understand how the bonus feature works.

Bonuses that Apply on the Best Online Pokies

Something else that you need to take advantage of is the bonuses casinos offer on online pokies real money Australia. If you choose wisely, you can enjoy more than one bonus on real money pokies.

Most of the bonuses that you will encounter for slots will come from the welcome bonus. But there are other types of bonuses as well. Why don’t we take a look at that quickly?

Deposit Match Bonus

The most common type of bonus that you can use on pokies online. Just like the name suggests, the operator will match the bonus amount based on the amount you deposit and the terms of the bonus.

If you want to get the most out of your real money when you play online pokies, this is a bonus that you don’t want to miss.

Free Spins

Undoubtedly, the bonus that you get with most welcome bonuses. Operators like to throw in some free spins for new players to use on the best online pokies Australia.

Make sure to read the terms of the free spins bonus as they come with wagering conditions. Some free spins are restricted to specific games as well. Remember to go through the terms carefully so that you don’t miss out on anything.

VIP Program

If the online operator offers a VIP program, you can bet that it will have bonuses for pokies players. For level-based loyalty programs, you might get a reward of free spins after reaching a certain level. It’s a great promotional offer for regular players.

No Deposit Bonus

Although this type of bonus is rare, we can’t say that it doesn’t exist. An online pokies no deposit bonus will let you enjoy the bonus without making any deposit. It’s completely free and you can enjoy it without spending a penny.

Cash Back Bonuses

This bonus is not tied directly with slots, but you could technically make it work. Cash-back bonuses give bonuses to players based on the amount they lose. If you’re afraid that you might end up losing money on slots, then you should consider claiming a cash back bonus if it exists.

How to Choose Legal Online Pokies  Australia

Now comes the important part. How would you actually choose an online casino with slots in Australia? You should definitely not start playing at any online casino that you come across. There are several things that you need to consider first before giving the online casino a chance.

Anytime we’re checking out casinos for recommendations to our readers, we stick to a strict list of criteria. If you want to choose your own online casinos for playing pokies online, check whether the operator satisfies the following criteria.

License and Security

Two things that you should never compromise on, are license and security. The operator that you choose needs to have a valid license from a renowned licensing authority. It needs to have the proper permission to offer you gambling services in Australia.

At the same time, you should also look into the security situation of the operator. Things that should be on your checklist are SSL encryption and 2FA. If the casino can’t guarantee your security, you will be putting yourself at a risk playing at the online casino.

Collection of Pokies

Since your main goal is to play online pokies, one of your priorities for online casinos should be to have a good collection of pokies. The operator should have games from multiple renowned operators. But just having the games won’t be enough, the games would need to be the latest ones as well.

Aside from that, the casino should try to cover different categories of online pokies Australia real money. Video slots, megaways, and progressive jackpots are just some of the categories that you should look to find.

For beginners, we recommend low-volatility pokies with a good RTP. The more experienced players are free to choose whatever they like.


We’ve already gone into the details of the bonuses that you can find for pokies in online casinos in Australia. When considering the bonuses, make sure to find one with the lowest wagering requirements to have the best experience.

Payment Methods

To round out the experience of playing online pokies Australia real money, you need to have good payment methods to back you up. And it all depends on the operator and the payment methods that they support.

If you’re unfamiliar with what types of payment methods are good, look for the popular ones that everyone is used to. If the casino supports those methods, you shouldn’t run into any issues with depositing and withdrawing funds.

Customer Support

We can’t overlook customer support when choosing an online casino. You might not feel the need for it. But when a transaction that you made doesn’t get processed, you will definitely want a good customer support to help you out.

How to Play Online Pokies

Australian online pokies are meant to make things fun. But if you don’t know what you’re doing, how will you have fun? This is precisely why we’ve made this beginner’s guide to playing the best online pokies Australia real money. Let’s walk you through the process.

Checking the Paytable

As we’ve mentioned previously, the paytable contains all the information about pokies that you could possibly want. Before you start wagering the coins and spinning the reels, make sure to take a look at the paytable if it’s your first time.

Set Your Bets

The next step on the list is choosing the number of coins you want to play for. The more coins you play per line, the bigger your bet is going to be. You should take care to regulate your bankroll when you’re playing slots.

Use Bonus Rounds to Your Advantage

In the best online pokies Australia, you will come across at least one bonus round mechanic. If you want to get a sizeable payout, you will need to utilize the bonuses to the maximum. If there are any bonuses that can be re-triggered, you should try to activate the mechanic to extend the bonus round.

Common bonus rounds include free spins and respins. If the online Australian pokies, offers any of these mechanics, those will be the key to getting the maximum payout from real pokies online Australia.

Special Symbols in Online Casino Pokies

In casino online pokies, a recurring concept that will keep coming up are special symbols. These special symbols serve specific purposes in the games. If you want to master online casino pokies, then you will need to realize what the symbols are and what functions they serve in the game. Different games will have different special symbols. But they are always going to be the Wild or the Scatter symbol.


The Wild has to be the most versatile symbol in any real money pokies. The symbol replaces any other symbol in the game except for the Scatter. Thanks to the Wild symbol, landing winning combinations are easier if you manage to get it in a pay line.


Unlike the Wild Symbol which gives a payout, the Scatter doesn’t pay anything. That’s because it’s used to activate the bonus rounds. In different games, it might have different names, but if it’s a symbol used to start the bonus rounds, it’s the Scatter.


That’s it about Australian online pokies. You can find a number of online establishments offering legal online pokies Australia. Take a look at the offerings of the online casino and the games that it has before you start playing them.

Start off with low volatility slots with high RTP. You won’t be winning much, but it’s great when you’re starting out. When you’ve gotten a bit more experience with online Australian pokies, you can move on to high-volatility slots for a bigger payout.


Which online casinos are best for pokies?

Online casinos offer great bonuses with a combination of a great collection of games that are usually the best ones.

Are online pokies safe?

It all comes down to whether the operator is safe or not. If the operator has strict security protocols in place to protect the players, then the online pokies are safe as well.

Can I play real money pokies in Australia?

If you’re playing at a real money casino, you should also get the option to play for real money as well. But be mindful of the amount that you’re spending in these games.

Are online pokies popular in Australia?

The Australian gambling industry is known mostly for its love of lotteries. But pokies are a close second on that list.

Are online pokies legal in Australia?

You can play online pokies without worrying about a thing. There are different varieties, make sure to try out all of them.