Currencies AUD, EUR, CAD, USD, GBP, RUB
Min deposit $10
Min withdrawal $10
Jurisdictions Curacao
Deposit methods Skrill, Paysafecard, Neosurf, Payeer, Neteller, Qiwi Wallet, AstroPay
Cashout Time: 6-8 business days
Mobile: Android, iPad, iPhone and Other Mobile

Pack it in, boys — it’s a casino! When we first heard that everyone’s favorite hub started a casino, we couldn’t help ourselves but check it out. Oddly enough, it was also the first time our right hand audibly screamed, “Mother!” Established in 2016, it used to belong to the same legendary ownership group that made the main hub. However, at some point, they split and now belong to Usoftgaming N.V.


Usoftgaming’s tag line is “world’s sexiest live casino provider,” and they offer live gaming with some really special dealers. The company has several casinos to their name, and all of them have pretty much the same philosophy — gambling and flesh! Essentially, they’ve found their niche and are not the ones for experimenting; if you take a closer look, you’ll see that one of their other casinos, the Bet Swagger Casino, has an identical design. We’re not going to go into the morality of their game design, but the problem with their casinos is that they all lack transparency and have trouble with paying on time. But more on that later.


Another change besides the ownership is that, in efforts to further separate themselves from the original website, they’ve changed their name to the Playhub Casino, but the main idea remained the same. One of the main issues of the casino is its lack of transparency and honesty, which is quite ironic for a gambling site whose dealers wear transparent clothes, doing an honest woman’s job. There are many instances in which this issue shows up, starting with the list of jackpot winners.

Now, either tanya1234 and luka101, with clearly generic names, are insanely lucky and have hit all the round-number jackpots, or the casino has made this up. Our bet is on the latter.


Close your eyes and imagine what the Pornhub Casino might look like. That’s exactly what it looks like! If we had to use one word to describe the design, it would be inviting. Initially, the casino had that all-too-familiar black-and-orange color scheme. They’ve altered it a bit (yellow is the new orange), but you still have the sense of being where you’ve been oh so many times before. From the very moment that you enter the website, it’s clear to see that their target audience is straight males looking for some… downwards blood-rushing. Yes, they have male dealers, but let’s not kid ourselves, they are gunning for roughly half of the population. Well, the part of the half that doesn’t like boys and doesn’t have girlfriends. There’s still plenty enough of those.


All across the homepage, you’ll see lovely ladies with all types of clothing — varying from none to very little. At the top, you have two chyrons with information on bonuses and jackpots, and after that, there are just images that can really get you pumping. So if the rush of adrenaline you get from wagering bets isn’t enough for you, the Playhub Casino is happy to offer a helping hand (albeit not literally). The majority of the games have a lustful theme, but not all of them do, and the combination of the two, which they’ve tried to incorporate seamlessly, really makes you chuckle. By the way, check out the number of times the games have been played; quite a drop off with our buddy Frankie.


The casino is available in 24 languages, including English, French, Russian, and German. Of course, you’re thinking, “Wow, 24 languages; that’s impressive,” but remember what we’ve said about honesty.

You don’t have to speak Russian to realize that they’ve just translated the heading and couldn’t be bothered with the rest. In fact, the T&Cs section is available only in English; the rest of the website is a mixture of some words in English and some in one of the 23 languages you’ve chosen; like interracial, but with languages. Ultimately, the casino leaves a taste (please refrain from any comments here) that they’ve thought that having games and nudity was enough. And you know, fair enough, but they really should have put some effort into other aspects of the casino as well.


Apart from the nudity, the rest is pretty much the same as any other casino. The homepage consists of bonus offers, games, and links to relevant sections such as Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, and Banking, although you can’t access banking until you sign up. They have a search button, and it’s our favorite search button in any casino because it has four categories: Casino, Videos, Photos, Users. How many casinos do you know that have a video search?!


The Playhub Casino operates under the jurisdiction of the country of Curaçao. Curaçao’s licensing commission is perhaps not the best of the best when it comes to regulatory bodies. To keep it topical, it’s not really the Lisa Ann of licensing, but it’s by no means someone’s spinster aunt trying out this new thing called a webcam.


While not being the strictest one there is, they still require a set of high demands to be met by their licensees. Best payout casinos need to meet these demands if they wish to obtain the Curaçao license. Afterward, they need to remain true to them and not lower their standards. Otherwise, the commission will have their license revoked. Moreover, the licensing body offers mediation in disputes between players and casinos if the two don’t manage to resolve an issue on their own.


This part of the website is unique for a casino, and, oh boy, it’s quite a treat! In our experience, and we’ve reviewed thousands of casinos, this was the first time that a casino offered us an option to upload photos or videos. In the community portion of the casino, you’ll find accounts of many high-profile artists doing God’s work for which we thank them deeply and vigorously. The author of this review doesn’t know any of the actresses’ names, but if they had to guess, they’d probably go for Angela White, Delta White (presumably no relation), Dani Daniels, Nikki Benz, Nicole Aniston, Peta Jensen, and others. Here, we come across another instance of misinformation.


Allegedly, our famous solitude killers have made their accounts in order to be one of the live dealers on live roulette and strip poker. While this might have been true back in 2016 when Pornhub operated the casino, it’s definitely not true now, as they have been inactive for at least a couple of years.


But if you can get over the fact that celebrities don’t really waste their time here, it’s a rather giving community. Remember when we said that you could upload photos and videos? Well, this is where the community goes into full force. There are about a hundred of videos uploaded, and they mainly consist of what you’d imagine they consisted of. Waiting for that video slot to load? Visit the community page and remind yourself of that other meaning of the word load. Just watch out for what you’re clicking on; there are some guys who thought it would be wise to present us with their interpretation of the Battle of the Bulge. Though truth be told, if you’re looking for that, as the Smiths said it, I know a place where we can go, where we are not known.

Terms and Conditions

With the Playhub Casino’s T&Cs section, the problem is not what’s there; it’s about what isn’t. The terms they’ve posted are relatively industry-standard, and there’s nothing really that stands out, except for this one perhaps:

Although you can find this one (or similar) in many other casinos, just because others do it, it doesn’t make it right. This clause gives them the right to change their terms without telling you that it happened and without asking you if you’re cool with it. That’s like a plumber coming over and saying they don’t accept money payments anymore. You can protest and say that you hoped you would be the plumber in that scenario, but he’s already in your house — what else can you do but get your knees dirty? If you join, check out T&Cs regularly if you want to avoid pipe cleaning you didn’t ask for.


The rest of the T&Cs section is shameful, really. They demand their players to be at least 18 years old and will ask for documents that prove your identity, which is fine. But that’s about it. They lack any other information, which is something you should have as a player. For instance, players from which countries are restricted from joining the casino? What are the withdrawal limits and payment times? What (if any) are the reasons for account closure? After how much time does an account become inactive? These are all important questions that require answers. They failed to provide them, so your guess is as good as ours. 

Games and Providers

The casino has a library of over 400 casino games coming from 14 providers, including Endorphina, Usoft Gaming, and Betsoft. Of all the providers, Betsoft is perhaps the best-known one, with their bread and butter being mobile-friendly slots and 3D slot machines, for which they’ve won several awards.


As you’d expect, this online casino has full mobile compatibility with only a handful of games missing from the mobile version. You can play your favorite games from both iOS and Android devices. And if you do it via your PC or Mac, you’ll be able to access games in-browser via Instant Play. They’ve decided to leave a downloadable client in the past where it belongs. 

Game Selection

The primary focus of the casino is on live gaming. They offer 18 games with live dealers and have four different live gaming providers. Their main one is Usoft Gaming, which is also, as you might have noticed, the owner of the casino. Their games are available from 10–4 UTC. In these lobbies, let’s be honest, you’ll find what you’re looking for. You can play live games where just being there feels rewarding in itself. Yes, you might lose your money if you get distracted, but hey, there are less pleasing ways of losing money, aren’t there? Their sexy lobbies offer blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and Live Hold’em. Maybe even glance over the comment section below the games — there are some real hidden gems down there.

Other live-game providers are Vivo Gaming, Ezugi, and Lucky Streak. They offer pretty much the same table games. The only exception is Ezugi, which has live keno, lottery, and dragon tiger lobbies as well.


Other games, non-live ones, are split into five categories, three of which are reserved for slots. Naturally, the highest number of games are slots; 354, to be exact. There are 154 3D slots for you to enjoy. They come with state-of-the-art graphics and a premium experience. Frankenslots Monster, Sin City Nights, and The Slotfather II are just some of the popular titles you’ll find here.


Moving on, the next category is a scarce one, but the one members of this casino enjoy the most. There are four games in the Porn Slots category, and the nature of our business forced us to test them out thoroughly and over the course of several hours. These video slots bear double rewards! When you land a winning combination, not only do you get paid, but you also receive a reward in the shape of a gif. It might not sound like much, but best believe it is.


Finally, we have 198 games in the category they simply named Slots. Here, you’ll find both classic three-reelers as well as contemporary five-reel video slots like you would in any other online gambling establishment. Some of the titles you can play here include Gems ‘n’ Stones, Satoshi’s Secret, and Reels of Wealth.

Best of the Rest

If you somehow manage to skip all the glory of lascivious slots and live dealers who will do their best to keep you entertained, then, you’ll be able to enjoy your frigidity while playing games from the two remaining categories — Table Games and Other.


There are five “other” games, and some of them are fairly unique. For instance, you have Ogwil, a game set in the Wild West, where you shoot one of two boards to reveal whether you’ve hit the gold or missed. Basically, it’s a game where you have a 50–50 shot, and you can connect up to ten of these shots, with the price doubling each time you hit. Additionally, you have:

  • Roll the Dice: betting on over/under a certain number
  • Heads & Tails: self-explanatory
  • Red Queen: three-card monte
  • Four Aces: four-card monte
  • King of Roses: a card-guessing game


The Playhub Casino finishes up its library with 18 table games. Here, you’ll find classic casino games such as American and European Roulette, as well as several variants of blackjack and baccarat. They also have titles like Red Dog, Carribean Poker, and Craps.


In addition to all the casino games, the casino also operates a 1×2 Gaming-powered sportsbook. It’s a neat sportsbook as it lets you convert to the odds system you’re accustomed to, and it offers betting on all of the main major sports events.

Financial Information

This section, like with any other casino, is the most important section of the review. Having all those beautiful games is fine and dandy, but what’s the point if you’re never going to see any money from them? Yes, admittedly, with Playhub, you have some sightseeing to do, but if you’re going to pay money and still sit alone in your room, then you might as well visit a webcam site and have less of it left to the imagination.


Anyway, the number-one problem with the Playhub Casino — and the number-one reason you should stay away from it — is their payment issues. In the comment sections below most games, you’ll find negative feedback of players criticizing the casino’s lack of payment. There are also several complaints online, with players talking about the fact that they had been waiting for months and still received nothing. The casino itself never responded to any of these. Another problem with financial information is that they lack most of it, as we’ll now see.


Before you can find out any information about depositing and withdrawing, you have to create an account. That should be your first sign that something’s not completely right. There’s no reason for them to force you to do so. There are several methods for you to make a deposit, but credit cards are not one of them. Although listed, they are placed as “temporarily unavailable,” and they have been so for quite some time. PayPal is also on the list, but it’s coming soon, allegedly. Here’s a list of all other available methods, together with their minimum and maximum limits:

  • Coin payments (23 different coins, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin): $1–$20,000
  • Skrill: $10–$2,000
  • Paysafecard: $1–$2,000
  • Neosurf: $1–$2,000
  • Payeer: $25–$20,000
  • Neteller: $10–$2,000
  • Qiwi Wallet: $10–$2,000
  • AstroPay card: $10–$2,000
  • Gift card: $10–$2,000


Despite some methods claiming they go up to $20,000, your limit per transaction is $3,000, and you can make ten transactions a day. Additionally, depending on which methods you use, you have different currencies as options:

  • Coin payments: EUR, USD, CAD, AUD
  • Skrill: EUR, USD
  • Paysafecard: EUR, CAD
  • Neosurf: AUD, EUR, CAD, USD, GBP, RUB
  • Payeer: EUR, USD, RUB
  • Neteller: EUR, USD, CAD
  • Qiwi Wallet: EUR, RUB, USD
  • AstroPay card: USD
  • Gift card: EUR, USD


When you make your first deposit, the casino will ask you to send over documentation issued to your name in order to confirm your identity. The casino takes 3–5 business days to review it.


As is virtually always the case, there are fewer withdrawal options. There are still plenty around; six, to be exact. They also list PayPal and credit cards as options, which will actually become ones at some point. They also offer fewer coin payments, with the selection narrowing to six: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, Zcash, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash. Here are all the available options, together with their withdrawal limits:

  • Coin payments: $1–$20,000
  • Skrill: $10–$2,000
  • Payeer: $25–$20,000
  • Neteller: $10–$2,000
  • Qiwi Wallet: $10–$2,000
  • Gift card: $10–$2,000


Waiting time for receiving your withdrawal is 6–8 business days. But the thing is, they aren’t clear about this. We’ve found out about this only once we’ve uploaded our documentation. That’s unacceptable.


Moreover, in the experience of a plethora of players online, the actual waiting time is much, much longer. Many players have complained about late payment or even the complete lack of it. You should never join a casino that doesn’t respect you or your money, no matter how hot the dealers are. For argument’s sake, they’ve listed minimum withdrawal limit to $10, while the maximum limit is $2,000 a day, and $5,000 a month (which is frankly terrible). But it can be a limit of $1 million — it doesn’t really matter if they don’t pay up.


Designwise, bonuses are in line with the rest of the casino. You have luscious girls in nice outfits hovering above the numbers and terms of bonuses, and it’s not that easy to devote yourself to reading rollover requirements when there’s a giant image of what you’ve always wanted but never articulated.


Promotions are one of the better parts of the Playhub Casino. For instance, their welcome bonus will give you a 100% match on your first deposit over $20. The bonus goes up to $500 and is cashable, meaning that you will be able to take out the bonus money received once you complete the wagering requirements. As for the WRs, you need to complete a playthrough of 15x the amount of deposit and bonus combined, which is pretty generous. Basically, if you put in $20, you’ll have to wager $600, and the maximum bet per round is $20. Additionally, there’s no maximum cashout limit.


There are some limitations that come with the welcome offer, however. Although you can play live blackjack as well, they’ve clearly tailored it for slots, as only slot games have a 100% contribution to the WR. Generally, other allowed games (table games, video poker, live blackjack) contribute only 25%. Excluded games are roulette, blackjack, baccarat, sports betting, Sin City Nights, Good Girl & Bad Girl, WhoSpunIt, Soccer slot, and all poker games. You claim the promotion by typing in the bonus code “FIRST.”

Other Promotions

If you’re not a newcomer but you really like the look of the welcome bonus, you can claim a bonus with identical terms using the code “C500.”


Other bonuses are in the shape of daily and monthly specials. For instance, Monday’s bonus will match your deposit 100% up to $200. The bonus is available for slots and live blackjack, and the rollover requirements are the same as above. Similarly, the promotion you can claim on Friday will give you a 100% match up to $300. The same terms apply.


Since this is a casino that focuses on live gaming, it would be strange if they didn’t have a bonus dedicated to live games. “2QUEENS” will give you a 100% match bonus going up to $1,000. It has the same WRs. The difference is, the bonus is available daily, and there are special offers within it. To claim them, you have to do it within 24 hours.


There are two special offers as part of this promotion. One is for live blackjack, while the other one is for roulette. With blackjack, if you draw two queens of hearts in a row, they will reward you with $1,000. If the same happens while the dealer lands a blackjack, the prize rises to $5,000. You can also get $10,000 if you somehow manage to get three sevens of the same suit during the same round. In roulette, if four zeros show up in a row, there’s a prize pool of $100,000 you divide with the rest of the players at the table. The part they’ve written in small print is that you must take a screenshot of a winning hand and send it to the casino if you want to receive these special rewards; it won’t happen on its own. Another condition is that your minimum bet is $10.

VIP Program

They should have called their VIP program “premium accounts” and used “watch your winnings grow along with your libido!” as their slogan. But they haven’t; they’ve wasted the opportunity and called it swagger level as if 12-year-olds will play. Nonetheless, they have eight “swagger” levels, all of which incrementally increase the percentage of cashback (from 2% to 12%) and the maximum withdrawal limit up to $200,000 a month for highest-tier players.

Customer Support

In all honesty, the Playhub Casino has terrible customer service. The only way to contact them is via email, as they couldn’t waste their time setting up a phone number or live chat support. In our experience, their customer service is entirely unresponsive to emails. We’ve sent several queries asking them for some basic information (since they kindly left them out of their website), but we haven’t received any response.


And the worst part is, this hasn’t happened only to us. There are many comments and complaints online about customer service unwillingness to communicate with players and help them out. When faced with the issue of late payment, there was no one from the casino that the players could talk to. So when something goes awry, and it will, there’s nobody you can turn to for help. Not even that pretty dealer you thought was into you because of that one time she mispronounced your username.


The Playhub Casino (a.k.a. The Pornhub Casino) delivers exactly what it promises — casino games in the most desirable of atmospheres. If you’re looking for a bit of added fun, it’ll be hard to find a live casino lobby that’s more exciting. The library contains 400+ games from several different providers, so there’s plenty for you to check out. The problem with this casino, however, lies elsewhere.


Firstly, their ownership group has several gambling sites to its name, all of which face the same issue as the Playhub — late payments and neglected complaints. Customer service is nonexistent, and while the bonuses are pretty generous, the trouble with withdrawing renders them useless. Essentially, this casino is just a pretty escort lady. She looks terrific, and it’s great for the eye. But it’ll cost you, and you won’t get much out of it.


All in all, it is with a heavy heart that we have to advise you not to play at the Playhub Casino. However, you should definitely at least give it a peak. Click here to visit the casino.

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