Best Bitcoin Casinos 2022 for Australians

Bitcoin casinos have been around for several years. It did not take much time for the P2P payment option based on Blockchain to spread all over the world. Bitcoin is not the only cryptocurrency accepted by online gambling venues, and you can also find those accepting transactions in Ethereum, Litecoin, Doge, Bitcoin Cash, and other crypto coins. However, this cryptocurrency remains the most popular choice.

$1500 BONUS$10 Minimum Deposit
1500+ Pokies
$1000 BONUS$20 Minimum Deposit
600+ Pokies
$1200 BONUS$20 Minimum Deposit
750+ Pokies
$800 BONUS$20 Minimum Deposit
2000+ Pokies

If you live in Australia and like gambling, consider checking out the following list of the best Bitcoin casinos, which includes the most trusted and convenient gambling venues. This is how you will be able to find the best casino quickly. Also, pay attention to the core factors that experts recommend checking out to ensure the best gambling experience. After reading this introduction to the Bitcoin gaming world, you will know everything that you should keep in mind.

Top Online Bitcoin Casinos for Australians 2022

Top casinos with the highest ratings have a great reputation, excellent customer support, quick payments via digital wallets, a wide game collection, and other advantages for Australians and players from other countries.

It is recommended to pick something from the list of most reliable ones, but you can also check out other casinos. To use such sites, you need to register your Bitcoin wallet first. In this wallet, you will store crypto coins. Also, you must undergo registration at a preferred gambling venue. Whatever gambling destination you wish to choose, remember to check its rating. In case of any questions, helpful support reps should be able to guide you through every aspect of the gaming process.

The main factors to pay your attention to include:

  • A large collection of crypto games. Enjoy betting on any game you want.
  • Legality. Pick a bitcasino that follows the strictest industry requirements.
  • The tough safety and security measures. You should be well protected against hackers.
  • Reasonable minimum deposit requirements. It is particularly important for gamblers with a low budget.
  • Attractive welcome casino bonus and other promos. Remember to check out if you can benefit from exclusive offers.

Online Bitcoin Casinos: Pros & Cons

Before choosing something from the list of Bitcoin casinos available in Australia, consider their advantages and disadvantages.

The pros of using such casinos include:

  • Their transactions are instant. They can be used to fund an account and to withdraw your prizes from it.
  • Online Bitcoin casinos can be used by gamblers regardless of where they are. This means that anyone living in Australia can use such gambling venues, too.
  • You can convert cryptocurrencies on a large range of exchanges. Also, there are more than 6,000 cryptocurrency ATMs in different countries, which allow doing different actions, such as selling Cryptocurrency.
  • Australian players are not required to provide their personal and financial data, which ensures anonymity. Basically, your wallet address will be your pseudonymous.
  • You will not be required to provide any documents for withdrawals.
  • It is not only anonymous but also a highly convenient and safe payment option.
  • Unlike other payment systems and traditional currencies, no online Bitcoin gambling venue is regulated by any bank. You can access your wallet without having to use any VPN.
  • Bitcoin online casinos offer fair games, attractive bonuses, huge jackpots, fantastic promotions, and other incentives for every customer.
  • They allow for gambling on the go on an iPhone, iPad, Android-based, and other devices.

All those benefits explain why the Bitcoin platform is so popular.

As for the cons of casinos accepting Bitcoin, they include:

  • Casino sites with Bitcoin accepted may not have a valid license. It is quite a serious disadvantage. However, you can just pick any venue from the list of the most reliable online casinos and be sure that the casino accepts this cryptocurrency to play without any worries.
  • There are not that many online casinos that offer Bitcoin. Lots of people still tend to trust other online casinos with traditional payment options for deposit or withdrawal transactions.
  • It is a volatile currency, which means that its exchange rate can change drastically. While the value of Bitcoin is greater than that of gold, its high volatility prevents many people from investing in it. However, it may not be a problem if you do consider it for long-term investment.

Bitcoin Casino Games

Australian Bitcoin casinos have a decent range of games for players, including various online and live options.

The assortment of games covers slots (pokie machines from classic to progressive jackpot options), table games (dice, roulette, etc.), card variants (poker, blackjack, etc.), different lotto games, and many others. All in all, the wide collection of games will allow you to pick options that match your preferences.

Many casinos offer live games. You can place a bet in real-time using a PC or your mobile device. It is also possible to interact with dealers and players, using a live chat feature. If you are lucky enough, you will be able to win good money as well as to have a great gaming time. It is possible to find games with a low min bet limit.

As for what the best option to choose for novices, it should be a free play mode. This is how you will gamble with no risk.

Bitcoin Gambling Bonuses

When looking for the best Australian Bitcoin gambling venue, pay your attention to Bitcoin gambling bonuses and promos. There are different types of casino bonuses for you to take advantage of them without having a high level of experience.

Most casinos will offer a welcome bonus. You can get it for the first deposit. The welcome bonus is available for new players only. Among other casino bonuses and promos you can benefit from are the following:

  • no deposit bonuses
  • free spins
  • reload bonuses
  • cashback

This is how you can get extra cash to increase your account balance. In many casinos, you will also find tournaments, special events, and exclusive offers. So, using Bitcoin is very much similar to using fiat currency. A top casino will surely keep you engaged with attractive prizes. Moreover, it is even possible to get an additional bonus for depositing using exactly this cryptocurrency.

BTC Casinos FAQ

How does Bitcoin work?

Bitcoin is a digital currency that allows making peer-to-peer transactions with no third parties involved. Each transaction is carried out via encrypted addresses. The blockchain is maintained by a network of nodes powered by special software.

Blockchain is a ledger available publicly to store records of transactions. Before using it, create a Bitcoin wallet in your currency (AUD in your case). Then, find an online exchange service for currency conversion to the Bitcoin wallet.

Can I use Bitcoin legally in Australia?

If you find a reliable, licensed casino, you can use it without any problems.

How to play at a casino with Bitcoins?

Playing at a Bitcoin casino is not much different from playing at casinos offering other payment methods, such as Paysafecard, Skrill, MasterCard, Visa, etc. Remember, however, that not all casinos are created equal, and the quality of your experience depends on the service provider. The top Australian gambling venues from the list on this site are capable of satisfying all your gambling needs.

Is it safe to play casino games with Bitcoins?

Some Bitcoin casinos may not deserve your trust. Betting and making payments is safe at a reliable, licensed online casino. Going through casino reviews will help you find the best option.

Should I provide any personal information?

You can use Bitcoin anonymously without providing any banking details. However, online casinos may want you to provide it.

Do Bitcoin casinos have high payout percentages?

Usually, you can expect greater payout percentages at the best online casinos accepting Bitcoin than at land-based gambling venues.

Other Cryptocurrencies in Aussie Online casinos

While Bitcoin was the first digital currency to see the light, it is only one of the many cryptocurrencies that you can use today. Some other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin that you may want to use include:

  • Dogecoin
  • Litecoin
  • XRP
  • Ethereum

To choose a different cryptocurrency, read a review of each of them to pick the best option. Remember that while Bitcoin is not the only crypto coin, it is the most popular one for deposits and withdrawals. It is worth noting that you can find a gambling venue that accepts Bitcoin coins and allows using alternative payment options, such as Paysafe.

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